Every day, new companies and old search for the perfect domain name. Often this is a frustrating exercise of typing a wanted domain and clicking on a search button only to find the domain is taken a few seconds later—repeat 1000 times and eventually you may find a suitable domain along with a lot of frustration!

At Canary Domains, our goal is to help you cut through the noise and quickly and efficiently find a great domain for your next site, product, project or company!

This starts with our integrated instant domain name search, which lets you know if your typed domain is available before you even finish typing!

In addition, you will see suggestions for other domain name extensions load automatically in case you would like to secure more domains with your primary brand or online identity.

Finally, we have a domain name suggestion tool, after a search simply click, “suggest words” and the most popular domain name suffix and prefixes will be added to your entered search value.

Better still, only domains that are available will show in this suggestion list! In seconds you can brainstorm hundreds of potential new domain variations and this is not limited to .com like many competitive suggestion tools. The domain spinner and suggestion tool will work for all supported extensions—from .org to .organic and .ca to .info—a complete set of domain suggestions is available instantly.

Want to see more? Simply scroll the results and we will continue to search for and find the most popular domain combinations with your provided search!

Have a suggestion for how we can improve our fast domain name search or domain recommendation and suggestion engine? Please contact us!